Safety Approved IP67 Battery

A rating of IP67 shows the highest possible protection against solid, and the second highest protection against liquids, which verifies that the battery is highly immune to external intrusion that can damage the battery


Easy Home Charging System

Socket Box

Charging Pillar (Sold Separately)

Instant Acceleration

Front Charger Slot

Certified Safe IP67 Battery

Exterior Features

DRL Lamp

Head Lamp

LED Front-Rear Combination Lamp

Logo Camera Back Lamp

LED Position Light

Illuminous Wuling Logo Lamp

LED Turn Signal on Side Mirror

Aero Craft Cabin Window

Interior Features

Minimalist Spacious Interior

2 Rows - 4 Seaters

Leather-Covered Steering Wheel

Futuristic Center Console

Airbag + AC Cup Holder

Soft Panel Interior Trim

Door Storage

Backseat Row

Synthetic Leather Seats

Safety Features

2 Airbags


Electric Stability Control (ESC)

Airbags Layout

Rear Parking Sensor and Camera

Transmission Electric Parking Brake


Technology Features

Integrated Floating Widescreen

Electric Mirror

Keyless Entry & Smart Start System

Wheel Frontal Lamp

USB Charging Port

Multi-function Steering Wheel


Air EV